The cause

Why take part in the Défi Casse-Tête

Even while being careful, accidents can happen to us, a family member, a friend or a colleague. While practicing a sport, on the road or in our everyday life. The head is knocked, and the brain suffers a shock. This is what we call a head trauma.

Traumatic Statistics! :

Head traumas in the province of Québec

  • 1st cause of death for people under 35
  • 13,000 victims per year, ¾ of them are men under 35 years of age
  • 10 victims per day will never recover their autonomy
  • 15% of cases are moderate to severe
  • 30% of victims are injured while practicing a hobby or a sport


When faced with a traumatic head injury, the medical system has very few tools to avoid or lessen the chances of permanent impairment. Currently, there are very few resources for victims with severe impairments. We need your help to further research and improve patient care. Come bike with us during the Défi Casse-Tête.

The race

100 km team or individual time trial

What – Gather your team of 3 to 5 people or participate individually and beat the clock in this 100km breakaway race!

Where – PMG Technologies test tracks, 100 du Landais street, Blainville, Québec, J7C 5C9

Registration fee – There is a costs of a $1,000 per team or $225 per person (a tax deductible receipt is available, see FAQ for details)

Goal – Our 2019 goal is to raise $50,000 for research and patient care


More details :

  • The Défi Casse-Tête is an open and sanctioned cycling event registered with the ‘Fédération québécoise des sports cyclistes (FQSC).
  • The race will be timed. Each team will leave at one minute interval and once three members of the team will have crossed the finish line, the final time will be compiled.
  • All member must register for a daily sporting license for this event. A 5$ fee applies.
  • Organized by Head-First Foundation, the goal of the event is to raise awareness amongst passionate cyclists and to collect funds for the benefit of those who have suffered a head trauma.
  • It is the 5th edition of this fundraising event.

The Foundations

Three foundations, a common cause

The Défi Casse-Tête is supported by many organizations and partners with the common cause of furthering research to provide better care and support for patients who have suffered traumatic head injuries.

Fondation Tête-première
Head First Foundation raises funds by organizing sporting events. The principal benefactors are the organizations working on the issue of traumatic head injuries, namely Marie-Robert NeuroTrauma Foundation.

Fondation Neurotrauma
The Marie-Robert NeuroTrauma Foundation has dedicated itself to raising the necessary funds to advance medical knowledge in the field of head trauma. Its goal is to find ways to intervene in a more timely and efficient matter.


Where does my donation go?

When you take part in the Défi Casse-Tête, the funds raised will be used to further research in the field of head injuries, namely through the Marie-Robert NeuroTrauma Foundation and ‘Fondation Martin-Matte’.

The Marie-Robert NeuroTrauma Foundation aims to raise over $500,000 to fund the advancement of treatments in the immediate aftermath of an injury. This is a critical period in the treatment phase of an injured person, yet our current medical knowledge on this subject is lacking. It is important that we develop medical treatment options for those critical first 15 days in order to prevent and mitigate serious and permanent impairments.

‘La fondation Martin-Matte’ aims to better the quality of life of head trauma victims and those living with physical handicaps, notably by offering them adapted accommodations.

Can I donate without taking part in the Défi Casse-Tête?

Even if you don’t participate directly, you may support the cause in the following ways:

– Sponsor the event with a donation
– Sponsor a team of your choice
– Sponsor a participant

How much does it cost to register a team? Is a tax receipt provided?

The registration fee is $1000 per team, broken down as follows:

– $200 are not considered to be tax refundable (as they are an administrative fee related to registering for the race).
– $800 are considered a donation.

All donations over $20 are tax deductible and an official receipt for income tax purposes will be emitted.

How is my personal information protected?

We do not sell, rent out or exchange personal information. All information related to payments are secured via SSL certificates and are used exclusively for billing and validation of payment according to PCIDSS norms in Canada.

The foundation does not have access to those informations. In accordance to the norms established by the Canada Revenue Agency’s Charities Directorate, all personal information related to income tax receipts, such as name, address and eligible donation amount, are held by the foundation’s designated representative. All other information is used exclusively for its designated purpose and is only kept as long as necessary by a designated representative.

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